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The wombats found in this area belong to the species Vombatus Ursinus –the Bare- Nosed Wombat. They are marsupials, herbivores, mostly nocturnal and they live in burrows. Adult wombat weights can vary from 25 to 40 kilos. Wombats continue to grow all their lives so the really big ones are probably quite old.

Wildcare takes in injured and orphaned wombats. Wombats that are successfully rehabilitated are returned to the wild.

The most common reasons wombats require our support are:

  •  car accidents
  •  shootings
  •  dog attacks
  •  attacks from other wombats
  •  mange

Did you know?

  •  Wombats have poor eyesight but a good sense of smell and hearing. They ‘see’ their world through their nose and their ears.
  •  Female wombats have a pouch that faces backwards, with the opening towards the rear, so it does not fill with dirt when digging and joeys can graze without leaving the pouch.
  •  Wombats do not tolerate extremes of temperature and their burrows have a small moderate range of temperature, no matter what temperature it is outside.
  •  Wombats graze for about 2- 6 hours when they emerge at night however, may graze during the day in winter to avoid the colder temperatures.
  • Raised from a pinky and almost ready for release

    Orphaned pouch young